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The Career Branding Summit 2018 Edition - May 7th to May 11th

Career Training And Advice From Leading Experts

Bob Burg

Bob Burg - Best Selling Author (The Go-Giver)

Influence Expert

How To Become An Influencer In Your Company Or Within Your Field

Dorie Clark

Dorie Clark Headshot

Branding Expert

How To Stand Out In A Competitive Job Market

Scott Barlow

Scott Barlow - Happen To Your Career

Career Change Expert

Putting The Career Puzzle Together Making A Successful Career Change

Ashley Stahl

Ashley Stahl

Career Coach

How To Create A More Fulfilling Career

Niels Reib

Niels Reib - Career Branding Specialist

Career Branding Expert

5 Quick Tips To Help You Leverage LinkedIn Like A Pro

How To Attract Career Opportunities Through Authentic Career Branding

Caroline Stokes

Caroline Stokes

Executive Headhunter

How To Get The Most Out Of Working With A Headhunter

Adam Smith

Adam Smith

Bravery & Purpose Expert

How To Become The Bravest You And Overcoming Fear To Succeed In Your Career

Anne Sugar

Anne Sugar

Executive Coach

The Power Of Listening And How To Listen Your Way To Career Success

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Paul Smith


Storytelling Expert

The Nitty Gritty Of How To Use Storytelling Effectively In Your Career

Linzi Conway


Employability Expert

How To Become Employable In Today’s Fast-Paced Job Market

Bruno Coelho

Bruno Coelho

Career Sales Coach

How To Sell Your Skills Without Job Hunting Like Crazy

Mette Sillesen

Mette Sillesen


The Robots Are Here! Insights Into The Future Job Market And How You Can Prepare Yourself

Sarah Carlson

Sarah Carlson

Career Coach

3 Crucial Keys To Getting Unstuck In Your Career

Ulrik Nerløe

Ulrik Nerløe

Freedom Creator

How To Bring Your Best Energy And Heart To Work

Sharzad Modeli


Global Speaker

How To Harness The Power of Networking The Right Way And Finding a Mentor

Faris Khalifeh

Faris Khalifeh Headhshot

Quiet Leadership Coach

How To Make Your Personality Type Work For You

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Borana Hajdinaj

Borana Hajdinaj - Career Branding Summit 2018

Life Degree Society

Set Your Career GPS To A Successful And Fulfilling Career

Wayne Denner

Wayne Denner - Online Reputation Expert

Online Reputation Expert

Online Reputation
The Career Professionals Guide

Susan Peppercorn

Susan Peppercorn #3

Career Coach and Author

How to Find a Job You Love or Love the One You Have

Niels Reib

Niels Reib - Career Branding Specialist

Career Branding Expert

Visionary Host Of
The Career Branding Summit

Everything You Need To Build A Successful Career

These 20 summit masterclasses will give you tools and insights to create the best possible career based on your passions, talents, personal and professional strengths and to build a powerful, authentic career brand so you can stand out and attract more and better career opportunities.

Get Clarity On Your Strengths, Passions and Talents

The foundation of your future career is based on your personal and professional strengths and talents. Mixed with your passions this will help you set your career GPS to the right career path for you.

Get Clear on What and How You Communicate

Using story in your communication when you apply for jobs, share updates on LinkedIn or meet clients is a powerful way to create memorable conversation and will make you stand out.

Learn How To Get A Great Online Reputation

Today, 93% of recruiters admit to scanning candidates online profiles and presence before hiring, which makes your online reputation more important than ever and it can determine your career opportunities. So you’ll get valuable training and advice on how to maintain and create an epic online presence.

Create an Irresistible Career Brand and Knowledge-base

Taking complete ownership of your online reputation and presence includes setting up a career website and creating a personal knowledge-base with content around your professional passion and strongest skills, which will help you attract the career you want and deserve.

Who Is The Career Branding Summit For?

The Career Branding Summit is an online event for career-driven professionals who wants to take their career to the next level, claim and strengthen their career brand.

We cover topics like career clarification and development, networking and how to build strong professional relationships, storytelling, LinkedIn, branding, online reputation and much more.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an executive or millennial just getting started in your career, this virtual summit is for you.

Some Take-Aways From
Last Years Attendees

● Insights and resources to expedite career goals

● To be more proactive and confident in going after what I want career wise

● I am excited by improving my career and sharing it with passionate people….

● That everybody needs to brand themselves

● Everything was on point and so helpful, thank you so much!

● Nothing missed. I was impressed with the topics selected. I understood that it was from your personal journey that you selected these topics. So it made an impact.

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Meet Your Host - Niels Reib

As the Host of the Career Branding Summit, Niels thrives on giving you the best inspiration to help you attract and get the career you want and deserve based on your passion, strengths and natural talents.

As a Career Branding Specialist, Niels can help you attract more and better career opportunities based on his authentic and tried career branding strategies which took him from being without a job and at a low in his life, to creating a career doing what he loves based on his core values and passion.

For the past six years, his mix of Scandinavian humility, and American confidence has helped people showcase their personality from Copenhagen to Los Angeles.

I believe we as people perform at our absolute best when we are engaged and doing what we love to do. That is why I help professionals attract the career they want and deserve through Career Branding based on their strongest skills, natural talents, and passion, so they can unleash their full potential and live a more fulfilled life, doing what they love with less stress and more to give to the people around them.

– Niels Reib

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